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Wednesday 10 November, 2010

While I plan to add more feedback on the various saws and "unusual" scribers later, I must say I'm very impressed with the basic scriber itself. Once I had it in a suitable handle (note - US X-Acto handles are no use, it needs a four-piece chuck, Excel K1 and Pro-Edge #1 handles have these) it's exceptionally easy to use. Follows the edge of Dymo tape well, needs very little pressure and cuts very consistently for a given pressure. You do need to make sure you'd holding it to the tape clearly - it'll skid like any scriber if given the chance) but it produces nice, straight, clean lines that need a minimum of cleanup. The lightly abrasive back to the blade is great for continuing lines around corners. For the price, it's unbeatable.
Testimonial By: Alan Crawford

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