Scribe-R & Rivet-R

Thursday 29 March, 2012

First thing to comment on what fantastic service warp speed delivery. One of the things i tend to struggle with is Re-Scribing i have tried most scribers on the market and no matter what the results are usually the same either i have dug in to the plastic to much or gone of in all directions, most of the time its probably my own heavy handed technique so the fault is probably mine, I bought a few sets of scribers and riveters quite some time ago now but its only recently that i have had cause to use them and what a fantastic bit of kit the scriber is very easy to control with regard to depth of line and direction you only need the lightest pressure and a few passes with the tool and voila perfectly scribed panel lines, i did quite a lot of practice runs before using it in earnest and when finished with it was still as sharp and precise as it was when first out of the bag very easy to set up and the best of it is it the price wont brake the bank so do your self a favour try one of these scribers. I haven't used the riveters yet except for a few practice runs and like the scriber very easy to set up and a doddle to use with very nice results again very much recommended. So all i need now is for Radu to come up with the perfect scriber for doing small circular and odd shape panels this would completely mark the end of my re-scribing nightmares. Thanks Radu keep up the good work.
Testimonial By: mark housley

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